Thursday, October 9, 2014


Last night Mistress asked if I had been plugged while in chastity.  I confirmed that I had. I asked why, and she said she planned on having me plugged today (which I currently am) and she wanted to make sure I wouldn't be too uncomfortable by getting hard and such.  Since the plug itself doesn't make me hard, it's not a problem.

While I appreciate Mistress' concern for my comfort and well being, I'm hoping I can convince her it's ok to be less compassionate.  For example, last night Mistress had me in a nighty and my chastity device.  Either one makes sleep a little more difficult and combined, they make it even more difficult.  At the same time, the difficulty of it all is a powerful reminder of her control and me being a willing slave.  Last night I woke up around midnight frustrated about my cock being locked and my nighty being tangled around me.  This morning I woke up incredibly horny, hard as a rock in my cage (it's not that uncomfortable) and as I write this I am getting all sub-spacey and hard again.

The frustration and the loss of control is the turn on, not the device or the nighty.  I hate to say it, but the turn on for me is being fucked with.  To imagine Mistress intentionally making me frustrated, uncomfortable, embarrassed, humiliated, challenged, dreading something, etc. turns me on like nothing else.  To see her do it with a glimmer in her eye, a smile on her face, all well knowing how it pushes my buttons, makes my head spin and makes me hard in my unforgiving device.

Without trying to be a pushy bottom I want Mistress to know it's OK to push harder.  It's ok to take something she is doing to me and going further.  I promise to communicate if I can't do something or if something was too hard.  I don't want her to fear being mean to me.

I found this on a blog from a Mistress that is pretty strict with her husband...

  The other thing to remember is the why of it all. Why should a wife make the effort to monitor her husband's activities, or punish him from time to time? It is not because we enjoy doing it. For most of us disciplining a man can be something of a burden. We do it because we love him. Being a mistress to a man is an act of love. For most of us there is no inner thrill that comes with being a mistress.
Most of us are not naturally dominant. For most of us becoming a mistress is something of a chore that must be learned. Once again, as women, we do these things because our man needs us to be there for him in a special way that only a few people can understand. What I do believe is that the world be a better place if more women rose to the occasion by becoming mistresses to their men.  

I love my Mistress!  

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