Monday, October 13, 2014


Yesterday morning Mistress unlocked me.  I was only unlocked for about 30 minutes.  Long enough for us to have sex, recover and clean up.  It took all I had to lock myself back up due to the drop of libido after orgasm.  I contemplated not locking myself back up, but knew that I would be indicating to Mistress that I wasn't serious about submitting.  For her to take my submission seriously I have to do everything she asks and everything I ask her to do to me.  I have asked her to be meaner to me and she is starting to do that.  I need to keep encouraging her to me mean to me.  Even though I didn't want to be locked up so soon after my orgasm, I realize that in the last week, there is only a few hours of me doing something I didn't want to do.  Trading a few hours or a day of doing something I don't want to do is well worth all of the other hours of living in my submissive and horny mind.

That being said, I have earned an additional day in chastity.  Apparently Mistress was going to unlock me tonight however, I forgot to do a very basic task and she has told me I "have earned another day in chastity."   After a week now, the device is a little tedious.  I would gladly let her release me.  So while I want out, I love that Mistress is going to punish me with an additional day in my device.  This is an example of the "mean-ness" I have been yearning for.

Before I started writing this post, my libido was around a 3 or 4.  After reliving everything and putting my thoughts down, I am at an 8.  Apparently being used, locked up and punished does something for me.  Thank you for being my Mistress and making me suffer!

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