Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Record!

I have now been locked in chastity for over 98 hours straight.  This is the longest I have been locked since at least 2007 or longer.  It's the longest my Mistress has ever had me locked up and the longest I have been locked continuously in my steel device.  I'm actually proud of it.  It almost didn't happen.

Last night Mistress and I went to happy hour.  On the way home from happy hour we picked up some dinner. When we got home we changed into some clothes to relax in for the rest of the evening.  Mistress started digging around in our bathroom.  Sensing she was looking for the key I asked her what she was looking for.  She said "the key, you want out don't you?"  I'm curious what the expression was on my face.  I asked her if she had read my blog post and she said she hadn't yet.  I told her that I would prefer she reads yesterday's blog post and then she could decide if she wanted me out.  It was time for dinner so she relented and we went back downstairs.  We had our dinner and watched a little TV, and Mistress fell asleep watching one of our shows.  Now Mistress works crazy long hours and really doesn;t get enough sleep as it is so I let her sleep until our normal bedtime. She had me put on my nighty, and we went to bed with me locked up.  I don't know if she remembered or not that I was still locked up, nor did I care.  I'd gone this far and wanted to set a new record.

I slept pretty well actually.  There was one period in the evening I woke up and had some naughty thoughts before falling back to sleep.  Being the masochist that I am I thought up creative ways to decide when I get released.

  • Mistress decides when she decides.
  • Mistress waits for me to ask and then decides
  • Mistress waits for me to ask and then adds a certain amount of days
  • Mistress has me roll 1-3 dice after I lock myself up.  The outcome would be 1-18 days
  • Mistress has me flip a coin a certain number of times.  Each time it lands on heads is a day I am locked up.  Tails could be a plug.
  • Lock me up on one day.  Then we wait until the next powerball drawing and the lowest number would be how many more days I would be locked up.  Over the last 2 months the lowest number was 1 and the highest was 28.  Average was 8.
  • Have a bag with lots of blue marbles (say 30).  Then add a white marble for every chance I have of getting out that month (say 3).  Each night at bed time you make me reach into the bag and pull out a marble.  If I pull out a white, I get released.  If I pull out a blue I get another day of blue balls.
I'm sure there are many other ways but those were what came to mind in the middle of the night.

Lastly, I was thinking about how to pleasure Mistress while I stay locked.  Using my hands and fingers on her with lots and lots of lube. Teasing her until she tells me to put my fingers inside her.  Me waiting to put my fingers in her until she threatens to lock me up for a month.  Then I would pleasure her until she squirted over and over and was begging me to stop.  All the while, my cock would be locked up and safe.

All of that being said, I want Mistress to know I am doing well in chastity.  It's a different dynamic than I have ever had and I'm all for whatever she has in mind.  I might regret this, but I want to stay locked up until she has a use for my cock.  I'm not trying to be pushy I am just communication my feelings since I have spent 4 years saying how much I hate chastity.

I love you Mistress!    

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