Friday, October 10, 2014

Continued Thoughts

Last night Mistress indicated she might allow me out of chastity sometime today.  I was a little confused based on my post about her pushing me more, but since I have been known to be a pushy bottom I wanted to defer to her better judgment.  It turns out she hadn't yet read my post due to some email issues she was having.  Apparently my post was one of the best over.

So far I am still locked up, and as much as I hate to admit it I am happy that I am still locked.  Just admitting that in writing made me hard.  In the time we have been together, I don't know if I have ever been locked up at all on a weekend.  Being locked obviously changes our sexual dynamic.  To do anything directly with my cock would require it to be unlocked, so intercoure or masturbation are not possible without me being released.  That has made my mind drift into other possibilities.  Some of my thoughts/fantasies.
  • Mistress keeping me locked all weekend but she keeps telling me she is going upstairs to get herself off.
  • Mistress using the hitachi on herself while I am tied up.  She might also edge me with the hitachi while I'm still in the device or worse, force an orgasm while I am locked and keeping me locked afterward.
  • Mistress fucking me in the ass while I am locked.  No cock stimulation.
  • Mistress releasing me to fuck her and not letting me cum before she locks me back up.
  • Mistress releasing me to fuck her and making me cum before she locks me back up.
  • Mistress giving me a beating me while locked, but not stopping until sometime after I plead for her to stop
  • A long teasing and denial session and locking me back up or letting me cum and locking me back up.  Both have pros and cons.
  • Being locked in the cage or some other bondage while she goes to her nail appointment.
I ran into some other posts that I wanted to acknowledge from other blogs.

This first one makes me feel bad for the guy, but it also makes me wonder how my Mistress really feels.  I'd hate to think I was going through this just for my needs and wants.

Last night the chastity adventure seems to have come to an abrupt end.

After being locked up for a little over a week I just made an offhand comment to my wife I was so horny.  I even prefaced it by saying I wasn't asking to be released I just wanted her to know how I was feeling.  And off she goes to get the key and proceeds to give me an orgasm.  And of course I went along with it.  A little disappointed before, a lot disappointed afterward.  As many conversations as we’ve had about chastity over the last few years I can't fathom why it’s not in her to just push back a little bit. She does with everything else in our lives.  Seriously. Everything else. She is opinionated and demanding. She takes no shit from me or anyone else and gets her way 99% of the time. And I love that.  But it just doesn't seem to translate to chastity.  Just once I would have loved it if when I said I was horny- she would have said ‘good you're supposed to be’ or ‘too fucking bad because you're not even close to getting out yet’ or ‘shut up and rub my feet.’  But it never goes that way.  So we had a conversation.  And she told me she’s not really into the whole chastity thing. She just goes along with it because it’s something I like.  Hearing that killed me.  But explained a lot.  I've been thinking about it most of the night and decided if it’s not her thing then we shouldn't be doing it.  Because the way it’s been going is not my thing either.    If she had a burning desire to see me squirm under the effects of enforced chastity- to expand my limits- to push me out of my comfort zone?  I’d gladly wear the device for her until I was a whimpering mess.  But that, it seems, isn't in the cards.  

Now this next one is just plain hot.  Again it does seem like she is into the chastity as much if not more than him.
While it’s true I love teasing and tormenting my poor horny willing husband, and selfishly coming when he’s not allowed to… it’s also true that he’s my hero, and I would never let anyone talk trash about him. When in public, if the topic of sex comes up, I always talk up my husband, and how wonderful he is in the sack, which is true! His orgasm count is nobody’s business but ours, and If he’s willing to stand by me and sacrifice his orgasmic bliss to satisfy my teasing, denial and chastity fetish (and even better that he seems to love the tormenting too) why would I look such a wonderful gift horse in the mouth?  I love him, and love making him insane with unreleased pleasure. Yum!

I love my Mistress

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