Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tease and Denial Fantasy While Plugged

I sit here plugged more than 2 hours and working on my 3rd hour task.  This is my first post since Mistress released me from chastity.  It was by far the longest I had been locked.  Mistress was nice enough to release me for 30 minutes to use me for her orgasm (as well as giving me one) and mean enough to lock me back up.

She has since been adamant about me wearing a nighty every night which I find kind of hot.  Hot because she wants to see me in it, not hot because I am wearing it.

Since I am posting I wanted to add the fantasy that has been running through my mind since I've been released.  It has Mistress tying me down and teasing the hell out of me.  Getting me close (or not even close) to the edge of cumming.  I imagine her doing it for hours and taking frequent breaks or going as far as to tying me down while she watches her programs.  I'd be blindfolded and possibly have headphones in.  Either way, she wouldn't let me cum.  She would do it until I was a sweaty mess of a man with tears in my eyes.  She would interrogate me about fantasies.  She would put suggestive ideas in my mind.  She would tease me about making me dress up in public or other humiliating things. She would make me agree to do things she knows I don't want to do.  Essentially she would break and destroy me by working me over so bad.

Here are some inspirational images.

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