Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MBB's Friend

I wanted to thank Miss Bossy Bitch for bossing me around lately.  Yesterday I painted my toenails pink, my fingernails clear.  My mind had a little bit of a submissive buzz while painting my nails.  I also had to sleep in a nighty last night.  The nighty was a total mind fuck, because part of the night I couldn't sleep, but I could certainly feel the fabric of the nighty surround me as well as the padded cups giving me breasts.  Add that to the morning edging and I am getting to be quite a mess.  Thank you again MBB!

Mistress Bossy Bitch also happened to mention that she and a friend of hers have recently spoken and intend to meet up.  The only reason this even comes up is that this friend, (I'll call her Miss J) knows about our lifestyle and has expressed some interest in trying some submissive type activities   MBB even offered to let me crop Miss J a while back although nothing came of that.  Now I don't think anything would ever happen, but it doesn't mean my teased and denied brain doesn't have a mind of it's own.  While edging this morning, I thought of a few things.

With me as a submissive...

  • Serving MBB and Miss J wine and dinner while I wore a suit or some other "uniform".  I would not be allowed to drink or eat with them as my role would be purely to serve.
  • Being made to watch MBB and Miss J be sexual with each other while tied up or locked in a cage.
  • MBB using me to teach Miss J how to Domme her husband.
  • Miss J would push MBB to be more strict and demanding of me by giving her moral support.
  • MBB would have Miss J hold the key to my chastity device.
  • Having Miss J meet Sophia (the name MBB has given me when I cross-dress).  I imagine this would horrify me even though it was in my thoughts this morning.
  • Be made to Chauffeur MBB and Miss J to dinner, drinks clubs, etc.  I would have to stay in the car.
  • Forced cum eating.
  • Double penetrated with strapons.
With me and MBB as Dom and Domme (while I mostly like to bottom I think I am a  pretty good Top, but MBB doesn't like to switch)...
  • Crop, Cane and Single Tail Miss J.
  • Put Miss J in some difficult predicament positions.
  • Forced Orgasms - no stopping.
  • Electricity!
To reiterate, I have no illusions (or real desire) of any of the above happening and Miss J isn't my type at all.  Things I wouldn't normally consider become easy to think of in my current state of mind.        

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