Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today's edging exercise had me thinking about what I would do if my Mistress liked to switch or decided she was actually submissive.  Things I fantasized about.

Deciding on what she would wear on some days to work (stockings and heels).
Make her wear a corset one day to work.
Short skirts on weekends.
Tying her to the bed and alternating between teasing and several forced orgasms.
Have sex with her on the website where people can watch.
Make her masturbate in front of others from her PC.
Cane her until she safe-worded.  She is very, very stubborn so that could produce some nice bruising.
Predicament Bondage.
Make her use her mouth to clean off toys she just came on.
Ball Gags, and ring gags.
Remote control toys while we are out at dinner.
Breath play and choking while having sex.
Switching weeks of who is in control.  I could see it escalating week to week, getting even and such.
Take her to see a pro Domme

I think it would be easier for me to initiate sex if I was the on in "control".  As a submissive I don't feel it's my place, and I know that causes us some issues.



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