Thursday, February 7, 2013

Erotic Humilation

Let me start by thanking MBB for making me wear a nighty to bed last night.  There is no way to sleep in a nighty and not think about kinky things.  Every time I moved positions I had to adjust the nighty and that would remind me of my place and my mindset.  The nighty is what made today's edging fantasy very easy to come up with.  Erotic Humiliation, here are things that while mild to very humiliating, I find very hot.

Wearing a bra any time but particularly in public
Wearing pantyhose
Wearing lip gloss or tinted lip balm in public
Clear mascara
Clear nail polish
Colored nail polish , I can actually feel it on my nails, but seeing it is extra humiliating
Fake nails - typing all day would be a mind fuck

Masturbating in front of MBB
Wearing anything feminine in front of MBB
Feminine jewelry - toe ring, anklet, piercing items

Wearing Pantyhose with shorts in the summer.  Being made to get out of the car (ATM, Gas)
MBB taking Sophia for a drive
Going on a trip together and finding only toys and femme clothes in my luggage
Anything to do with my cum, especially more humiliating after orgasm
Fucking myself in the ass with a toy in front of MBB
Femme fake tattoo on lower back - have temp tramp stamp in nightstand drawer
Temp Tattoo anything, anywhere

Using Sharpie Pen to write on my body - lot's of ideas come to mind here

Femme deodorant, perfume, etc.
Being outed
Dog cage

Sucking strap on
Shocking dog collar - because I am such a wimp when it's on me
Bikini sun bathing
Sleep in bondage
Webcam exhibitionism

Milking myself with anal toy
Shopping for embarrassing items
Standing in corner
Made to watch MBB masturbate while in chastity
Hogtied inches away from MBB pussy and can only watch
Fucked in the ass while in chastity

Wow.  It's amazing what a little edging does to me.

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