Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting Up Again

I have decided to start doing a daily posting again.  I also started my daily edging again.

Today's edging had me fantasizing about being tied on my back.  MBB is fucking me in my ass with her strap-on and at the same time a large dildo is in my mouth.  MBB would push down on the dildo occasionally, while verbally teasing me about taking two cocks.  When she wasn't pushing on the dildo in my mouth, she was expecting me to push it out and then suck it back in.  She would then stroke my cock in rhythm with my sucking of the cock.  She tells me that if I want to cum I had better go faster as she will not stroke me any faster than I suck. She also tells me not to give up, because if I don't suck enough to get an orgasm I will go into chastity for a week without being let out.  After I orgasm she teases me about "sucking cock just to get an orgasm".

Here are a couple pictures that are part of the equation.

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