Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today's Fantasy - Servicing Mistress

For this morning's edging exercise I fantasized about being Mistress' tool.  I got very hot and bothered about being made to service herr in any way she desired without any though of my own pleasure.  Different ways I thought of were...

  • I awaken to her touching me to wake me up.  As soon as she can tell I am awake, she tells me she wants my cock inside her and to help her get wet.  She has me fuck her until she cums and tells me she is done with me.
  • Before bed she tells me to pull out her glass dildo and use it on her while we make out. After she orgasms as much as she wants she tells me to cleanup her toy and get to bed, again denying me.
  • On her way home from work I get a text to have the blind fold and dildo gag out by the time she gets home from work.  She calls me when she is close to home and tells me to be on the bed wearing my clothes as well as the gag and blindfold.  I hear her come home, come up the stairs, and get undressed and lie on the bed.  She then has me fuck her until she is done using me.
  • She makes me lie in bed next to her with my eyes closed while she masturbates herself before bed at night.
  • She has me go down on her while she watches one of her shows.
  • She has me use my fingers to make her cum and cum, all the while teasing me about not getting any myself.
  • Doing all of these while locked in chastity made it even more hot in my mind.
That's what got me going early this morning!

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