Friday, February 8, 2013

Tease and Denial

I am now at the stage where my libido is taking me over.  My thoughts and fantasies are getting more risque. My desire for pleasure, release, and debauchery are starting to get the better of me.  While edging this morning I dreamed of pure and utter denial with being teased to the edge.  I thought about being restrained to where movement is not possible.  To be teased and brought back from the edge until I have tears in my eyes.  I would want to be gagged to avoid promising things I would not want to do if not in such a predicament.  Whether it be by Mistress hand or the Venus 2000 set to run for seconds at a time and to turn off for even longer.  It would be pure hell and pure heaven at the same time.  To me that desire is more intoxicating than any drink or drug I have experienced.  There isn't any picture that can show that need, but here are a few links that show what I am talking about.

Maitresse Madeline
Behind the scenes for this shoot

A little guy on guy action for my Mistress

Random videos

I wouldn't call these orgasms

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