Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A few weeks ago I read a post that has had my mind going. It was a survey a blogger did as she was under the impression most submissive's wanted a "meaner" Mistress. Another reason that this stuck in my mind is that my Mistress (MBB) had recently mentioned how she would make a great pro-Domme because she could be so mean to clients they would come begging for more.

The Survey...

What Do You Mean By “Mean?” 

Harsher punishments 98 (53%)
More humiliating tasks 88 (48%)
Longer periods of denial 81 (44%)
More ruined orgasms 73 (39%)
Longer periods of chastity 70 (38%)
More chores to perform 41 (22%)
More stifled orgasms 32 (17%)

Votes so far: 183

Full article is here http://mistressivey.blogspot.com/2013/01/mean-poll-results.html?zx=ed0a1ed083d5df37

Add my Mistress' comments about being mean if she was a pro and that has kind of had my mind spinning.  What would she do to other guys?  How mean would she really be?  Does loving me make it hard for her to be "mean" to me?

So what is mean? To me, mean is what someone else looking in would think was mean. For me being in a D/s relationship it actually means the opposite. It means my Mistress cares enough about me to treat me in ways only she could. To push past my pre-conceived limits and take me to new places would probably seem "mean" to me even initially, but would actually be a huge wow afterward.  Even chastity which I hate so much has a place in the mean category.  I often fantasize about things that are gross, humiliating, painful, boring, etc.  When I fantasize about it, I imagine hating it, even getting pissed off, but to see MBB looking me in the eyes while she did it, as she pushed through my pissiness would be so fucking hot.  To be taken to anger, fear or embarrassment and brought back from it seems so amazing.  To have the strength to do that on her end would be a challenge as well.  It's tough to seriously fuck with someone you care about.

All of that being said, I have a raging hard on just writing about all of this.  


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