Wednesday, February 13, 2013

9 to 5

Last night found me tied down to the bed with a blindfold on.  My Mistress alternating between stroking my cock, smacking me in the balls or hitting me with various implements on my inner thigh (no bruises today though).  We chatted about my post from yesterday and she commented that me in a sub role would be her preference.  Mainly to show her friend the power a woman can wield with a man and the rush she gets.  MBB then told me she was going to ruin my orgasm.  I begged her not to.  I would rather have a full one or none at all.  I did get a little lucky though. She waited until cum actually started shooting out.  By then I was half way into my orgasm, so I got to have some of that awesome orgasm feeling.  My horniness went from a 9 to a 5.  Darn-it!

This morning's self edging had me thinking about what her and her friend would do to me if they could...

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