Monday, February 11, 2013


I must start with a thank you to my Mistress for giving me an order this morning.  I was instructed to paint my toenails pink and my fingernails with clear polish.  At first I thought I was to paint my fingernails pink too.  My heart skipped a beat knowing I would be looking an pink fingernails all day.  I clarified that it was to only be clear nail polish.  Either way, I was slightly humiliated at the thought, and instantly got hard thinking about it.  I'm not sure how I acted after she told me to do this.  I have a hunch it might have come across as indifferent or something less than enthusiastic, but I want to ensure that she knows it means the world to me that she gave me a task to do.  I am very excited to do as told.

This morning's edging had to do with being helpless.  We have been catching up on episodes of the TV show Dexter.  Every time he has a victim on his table I can;t help but think of my kink.  Being plastic wrapped to a table, naked, head immobile, I can think of so many better (naughtier) things to do other than kill the person. This morning I imagined MBB wrapping me up and causing major discomfort, breath control, CBT, etc.  The helplessness of it all gets me all hot and bothered.

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