Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today's Fantasy - A Good Beating

This morning while edging I was thinking about how long it has been since I had a good beating.  I'm not big into pain, but there is something very cathartic about having to endure such a thing.  The endorphin release, the loss of control, and enduring such a thing does something.  Not to mention the marks that are left afterward.

I was imagining being tied face down to start.  MBB would start with medium smacks across my ass with a leather strap and an occasional harder hit.  From there she would start at my feet, smacking the soles until I yelped in pain.  Then she would move up and hit my calves and thighs and then my upper back.  A few well placed smacks to my cock and balls would also be added.  Once I was sufficiently warmed up, she would use a cane on me.  I imagined her hitting me hard enough to get me struggling and breathing nicely and then she would back off.  Alternating implements she would go from my feet to my ass.  I also imagined her telling me she wanted me to safe word 3 times before the beating would stop.  By now I would have so many endorphin's rushing through me that  I would do my best not to safe word no matter what.

I also thought about tortures other than beatings, electricity, ball busting, hot candle wax, clothespin zipper.  All things that would have me begging her to stop and a couple would put terror in my eyes.

Now I haven't done much recently to deserve such treatment.  As I said catharsis would be one good aspect of it, but if my Mistress didn't want to beat me just for the sake of beating me (or becuase it turns her on) then I know there have been a couple transgressions over the last year I still haven't paid for :-)

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