Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What Pillow Talk Escalates To In My Mind

Last night at bedtime Mistress has fondling my balls as we had some pillow talk.  As she teased my balls, her cock grew harder in it's cock cage, straining for release.  I got worked up quickly.  While the physical stimulation certainly got me hot, it was the verbal stimulation that really got me going.

Mistress mentioned that she needed to start picking out my outfits each night before bed.  I can only hope that means she is interested in pushing me back toward my feminine side.  There is something deliciously humiliating about every little feminine thing she has me do.

She also mentioned that out of all the caning pictures I posted yesterday, that none of the men were tied up.  I did that to show how simple a daily maintenance spanking can be.  Mistress indicated that she thought if we did it without restraints that I would get hit once and then I would stop her.  I told her that it would obviously depend on how hard she hit me, but I would do my best to take it.  She then told me to bring the cane to the bedroom the next day.  Uh-oh!

When Mistress decides to start this I will try as hard as I can to stay in place.  I believe that I could take a mild caning without needing to be restrained.  Mistress could add to my resolve to not move by threatening certain things if I moved.  Added strokes, starting over, corner time, cage time, sitting on something sharp, etc.  I could imagine Mistress hitting me harder with the intent of making me move so she could further add to my torment.

Spiked mat to protect carpet from office chairs used for recently spanked butts
If I move too much, either because she just wants to make me move, or because I truly deserve a punishment, I can make it so that she can easily restraint me in 30-60 seconds.  A caning where I have no choice but to move as the fight or flight response kicks in.

Now we haven't played with the cane very much so I hope we ease into this so that it becomes a growing experience for us both.  I am very excited to have Mistress feel super confident in doling out a proper caning.

Here are a few pictures of more extreme caning scenes where the subject has to be tied down.  These are not even close to some totally brutal ones I found.  After those are some fun infographics on spanking in general.       

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