Monday, January 22, 2018

Let The Beatings Begin

I have to start this post with a quick comment.  The perfume Mistress bought for me and makes me wear every day, is an addictive drug to me.  I had zero libido when I woke up this morning and within 15 seconds of spraying on my perfume, I became super aroused and consumed with submissive and feminine thoughts.  My perfume gives me a buzz and is highly effective on my brain.  I can see using it in scenes as well as day-to-day use.  Now on to the topic of the day.

We have commenced on our journey of me receiving a caning almost every day.  We started Friday afternoon.  I was lying face down across the bed side-to-side so Mistress doesn't have to reach.  My hands were restrained straight out in front of me and my ankles restrained on the other side of the bed.  Mistress gave me 10 very tentative swats and about 2 of those was an 8 or higher.  She then released me and we went about our business.  I had some nice warmth from the swats, but soon forgot about them.  Mistress indicated that she didn't have a good angle and that was a lot of the reason that she wasn't able to hit me well.  We went out that afternoon and when we got home, Mistress wanted to see the marks she left.  There weren't any.  She wasn't happy about that and I had fun telling her she must not have hit me hard enough.

I believe for this plan to work, it has to be as simple and quick as possible for Mistress to administer. So on Saturday I made some adjustments.  I placed a couple pillows under my hips to raise my ass to make a better target.  I turned my body in the opposite direction because Mistress is right handed and this angle should make her more accurate.  I restrain myself as much as possible to make things easier for Mistress.  These hits came much stronger than the previous ones did.  Mistress hit me 5 times and 4 of them were substantial, but she stopped after 5 hits.  She untied me and we went about our day.  I could feel these longer than the ones from the day prior.  That night before bed Mistress inspected my ass.  She says there was a mark, but I couldn't see it.  I believe that me being bruised is an important part of this ritual and I think Mistress would agree.

As I slept that night I was consumed with thoughts on caning.  I was drifting in and out of sleep from 4-7 am where I couldn't stop thinking about caning.  The research I had been doing about caning certainly played into my thoughts.  Yesterday I asked Mistress if we could have our next caning session last longer.  I am hoping to get Mistress at a comfort level of hitting me safely, but soundly.  I asked her to take her time and to practice for a while on me.  5-10 hits once a day are not going to be a good training experience for either of us.  I also asked for her to not stop until I safe-worded.  She can go as long as she wants after I safe-word as my safe-word is merely a request and I will certainly use it too soon.  However, I would really like her to not stop before then.

I'll know we are at a good point when there is a day that she tells me to prepare for a caning and I hesitate due to fear.  That will make this part of our D/s lifestyle very, very real.  I yearn to fear her.

Since I have been doing so much research, I will leave some observations here.
  • There are a million ways to do this, so no one way is 'the way'.
  • Hitting with no warm up is called 'cold caning' and is much more painful.
  • Warming up allows harder hitting. 
  • Some will hit 3-5 times in rapid succession before the first hit even registers in the brain.
  • Others will hit light many, many times, in between hard hits, and will only count the hard ones as actual hits.
  • Lecturing during a caning is kind of hot.
  • So is stopping and encouraging the slave to take more for his Mistress.
  • So is interrogating a slave during a caning.
  • A gag may be needed if Mistress hits me hard enough.
  • Many of the caning videos and pictures I have found have the slave standing.  I believe I have come up with a good way to restrain me standing for whenever Mistress wants to try it.
  • The weight of the cane matters a great deal.  The one we are currently using is a heavy one and considered more brutal.  I will find the lighter ones we have so that Mistress can find her favorite.  I prefer a thuddy feeling to a stingy feeling.   
Below are 3 sections of a 15 minute caning session that I have the full video of.  The first one is more about the light fast ones that build up quickly.  One thing to note is that she takes lots of 30 second breaks to let him recover.  She also taunts him verbally quite a bit.  This cane looks much lighter than ours.

This one is more brutal.  I don't know how he doesn't make a noise.

This last one is where I'd like to end up some day, but I would be screaming if this were me.

I have a hunch I am going to regret this post one day.  As I replayed these snippets I realized this was a 100 stroke scene.  He received many more than 100, but 100 were the serious ones.  OUCH!



  1. I know when I'm getting it I have a ball gag buckled tight in my mouth. My wife does not want hear anything out me. Secured to the four corners of the bed you just lay there as still as you can until she's done. Too much squirming and the lesson starts all over.
    I try to get to that "sub space" I hear subs talking about it but it hurts too much to drift off somewhere! LOL

  2. I too think a gag is ideal. No talking back, no way to safe-word, no way to beg for mercy. You just have to lie there and take it.