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Today's edge

I ran accross this on a blog here http://msscarletuk.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/the-big-6-o/

The Big 6 O's

Posted on November 26, 2013by msscarlet9015

I know I keep reporting the same routine for some of my favourite days, but I just love the routine! So why change it at the moment? Apologies if it is boring.

Sunday started with bitch-boy in his pink shortened maid’s outfit which comes down only to his hips. (He had been in his chastity device for two weeks without release or removal so very frustrated and emasculated. I allowed the device to be taken off for a supervised genital shave and shower.) I had him do some chores and make me my lunch. He had none. During this time, I had to cane him twice. Each time I had him kneel on the floor, forehead resting on the floor and hands bound behind his back. After the first half a dozen strokes are over I love to continue with hard strokes at one second intervals and take pleasure in how the begging and apologies become more and more desperate and poignant. ‘Oh, oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please, please, please, I’m sorry oh, oh I am really sorry Mistress, please, please, I am so sorry, please……..’ etc. etc.   I had to be licked to orgasm after each caning.

After lunch I spent 45 minutes playing with his boy’s bits while watching a foreign language subtitled TV program I had recorded.

Then it was time for some extended total sensory deprivation bondage on the BDSM bed with the gynecological stirrups. He was in the bondage for over 4 hours. I visited him about 6 times and I have never been so mean with nipple clips, and with ruler and Deep Heat to that vulnerable tube of flesh between his legs, which just kept getting all stiff and hard – just begging me to abuse it! I had 6 orgasms in all on Sunday and they were all massive! There is no doubt the intensity is directly proportional to how mean I am, which is bad news for bitch-boy – and he probably noticed while he sobbed with pain while listening to me bring myself off. (He can just about hear my climactic screams, despite the silicone ear plugs and ear defenders.)
I was feeling so good and relaxed by the end that after a long session of ruler smacking and edging, I allowed him to cum at my skilled hands. Oh my! How he needed that! Going by the explosion and emotional sobbing.
I decided on a few more Christmas presents for him while he was secured – he will not like them though. But he had better feign gratitude!

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