Friday, January 4, 2013

In my head

Wow.  Last night was a huge surprise that I can't get out of my head.  I absolutely loved the lack of control and the vulnerability I experienced.  I didn't like the smacks inside the thighs or on my cock and balls, but I kept my legs open to receive them.  I have marks today I love and wish I had more of.  I didn't like sleeping in a nighty or in chastity, but I wanted to endure it.  A side benefit was all the thoughts that ran through my head each time I woke up with a hard on that had no where to go.  Even though you forced me to have an orgasm, I am on 10 today because of how you treated me.  

I'm sorry I get pushy.  I love being abused (in both good and bad ways) by you and don't appreciate that enough.  Just thinking about it has me all sub spacey right now.  Thank you for hurting me.  I love you!

Your slave, whenever you want.

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