Monday, March 4, 2013

Dress Up

Last week MBB told me to wear something sexy on Thursday.  I chose a brown sweater dress and some panties.  I was out of my outfit by the time she got home which while a relief is also a let down.  To be dressed a certain way in front of her is certainly a form of erotic humiliation.  When MBB said for me to "wear something sexy" I debated on feminine sexy or masculine sexy.  I have a men's latex shirt and shorts that are sexy, but not what I thought she had in mind.  I chose feminine, and classy versus slutty.

Thinking about that is what I edged to this morning.  Thinking about not getting to choose what I am wearing is a mind fuck.  Especially now that all of our cameras are hooked back up to the internet, MBB can see me at my desk all day.  Of course my dirty mind had me take it to the next level  I imagined MBB telling me to pack every piece of male clothing I owned and put it in a locked suitcase or even a storage unit.  She would tell me my clothes would be returned to me one week later.  I could wear whatever I wanted or nothing at all for that matter.  What she didn't tell me that was anything I owned which was not overtly feminine had also been removed from the house.  All of that thinking got me to the edge very quickly several times that I never got beyond it and had to stop edging before I could elaborate on it.  My pic to go with this post is a crossdresser outfit I could imagine having to wear while I work at home.

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