Thursday, December 27, 2018

Locked, painted and sleeping in a nighty

We’ve been busy.  Very busy, so I am not able to post as much as I would like to.  Here’s a quick update on the last few weeks.

I have been unlocked from my chastity device since November 30th which means I have been free for 3.5 weeks.  I also haven’t worn a nighty or had my toenails painted for the same amount of time.  I have been occasionally wearing a pair of panties when I am overcome with naughty thoughts.

Since I have been unlocked I have been touching myself a fair amount.  Mistress has been getting out of bed before me and when I can’t fall back asleep I reach down and edge myself over and over.  In some cases, I edge 40-60 times before getting out of bed.  That's not as much as it sounds as I can edge a few times a minute.  I don’t leak much, but when I do I lick it up.  That’s one way to start my day, with the taste of cum in my mouth.  Ick.

While edging I have many, many fantasies.  My more frequent fantasies are predicament bondage and extreme edging, denial and forced orgasms. 

I love the idea of being tied in a way that makes me uncomfortable and where I have to choose between 2 bad choices.  Nipples tied to feet.  Tied bent over in heels.  Tied in a squat position.  Clothespin zipper that I inevitably have to rip off myself.  So many ideas. 

I also long to be tied for hours upon hours being edged.  Of course this long of a scene would be somewhat boring for Mistress so I dream of automating it on some level.  Using the Hitachi and cock sleeve on an intermittent timer that I have.  I can set it to run 30 seconds and off for a minute or any variation of those times.  It can run indefinitely.  If I cum?  Too bad.  The vibrations don’t stop.  I imagine similar treatment with the Venus 2000 sucking machine.  For this, I imagine it being on a very slow sucking motion and I am kept on the edge for hours.  Once I cum, the machine is turned up and the sucking gets stronger and faster.  The goal being,  to make me cum as many times as possible, and when I do cum, to have a brutal post orgasm torture.  I imagine this treatment being used as a punishment instead of a reward.  The first orgasm would feel good, but I would fight having it knowing what would happen after I came.  Mistress could certainly use my mouth or masturbate next to me, but to be able to do this for hours she would need to be able to leave me.  We have a baby monitor app that could be used to monitor me.


As I stated it’s been almost a month since I had any kink/chastity/feminization.  That changed yesterday.  Mistress had me give her an orgasm with my cock.  As I was pleasuring her, Mistress commanded that I lock myself up in chastity, paint my toenails and start wearing nighties again.  That put me over the edge.  I tried to keep from cumming and ended up ruining my orgasm in the process, right before asking for even more tasks.  Thank you Mistress! Please feel encouraged and emboldened to add extra torments, tortures, tasks and humiliations to my world. I yearn to suffer for you.

Good thing Mistress had me lock back up.  There is nothing like a ruined orgasm that makes me want to masturbate to orgasm.  This morning would have been the time to do it too, as Mistress got up before me.  I’m fairly certain I would have had an unauthorized orgasm. I have been planning on getting myself off after my next orgasm. Chastity is keeping me honest.   

If I stay in chastity the rest of 2018, I will have been locked up for almost 4.5 months in 2018.  For short of 365 days, but  I will be locked up almost a month longer (29 more days) in 2018 as I was in 2017, and locked up 2 times as much as I was in 2016.

All in all, 2018 has been good.  I don’t ‘like’ being locked in chastity, but I LOVE being made to wear a device as much as possible.  I don’t ‘like’ sleeping in a nighty, but I LOVE that I have to wear it or any other item of Mistress’ choosing.  I don’t ‘like’ painting my toenails, but I LOVE the rush I get when I see my painted toenails and what that means.  In short, I LOVE doing many, many things I don’t ‘like’. 

Here’s to a naughty 2019! 

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