Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chastity Reality

Mistress hasn't said so, but seems to be more than willing to let me stay locked in chastity indefinitely.  This excites me more than it frightens me.  My head spins with the thought that I may never touch my cock again or know pleasure without it being approved by Mistress.  No more touching myself absentmindedly.  No more edging myself.  No more 'just a couple strokes'.  No more rubbing my cock into the sheets (that's not touching myself, right?). 

Most mornings I reach down and give my cock a feel.  I think it is instinct at this point.  At 5 in the morning a touch will usually give me a nice 'morning wood' hard on.  I would usually push down on my cock and feel it strain, and it would be a nice erotic feeling.  Some mornings I might do this longer than not.  Other mornings, if Mistress is already up, I might edge myself.  This morning this reality hit me.  I was coming out of my slumber and I reached down to feel my cock.  All I could feel is warm steel on my hands and my cock felt nothing whatsoever.  My head spun.  I am an official chastity slave.  My cock got hard just thinking about the control I have relinquished.  In my entire life I never thought I would get to this point, but here I am.  I am in heaven knowing Mistress has 100% control over my cock.

That being said I want to make sure Mistress knows that me being locked should not stop her from being pleased in any way she wants.  I have fingers, a mouth, a tongue and of course a cock for Mistress to use for her pleasure.  We also have many toys and a fucking machine.  There is no reason Mistress can't be 100% satisfied even while I go without.  In reality, me being locked in chastity doesn't have to limit my orgasms either.  It just means that anytime Mistress isn't using my cock, it's locked up.  I do love the idea of serving Mistress sexually as a true sex slave.   

I am going on a business trip soon.  Normally this would mean Mistress would let me out of chastity.  In some cases Mistress would give me a mind blowing orgasm prior to me leaving to make sure I am not horny on the road.  Other times she would give me orders to orgasm while I am on the road for the same purpose.  I am asking Mistress to keep me locked up on this trip.  I have imagined that I would switch into my CB-6000 on Sunday before heading to the airport.  I would put a ring in my piercing that requires a special tool to open.  I would secure the ring inside the device, so that I cannot pull out.  I would have to send Mistress a picture or two a day of me in my device or in some other compromising position.  I imagine taking my prostate massage toy to see if I am able to make myself come anally or video myself milking my prostate. That may be me asking for too much pleasure.

So that sums up my feelings of being locked 24/7/365.  I love falling deeper and deeper into submission.  I love my Mistress.         


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