Sunday, October 1, 2017

Catching Up

My most recent post had me wondering f I was pushing too much for Mistress to dominate me.  It was a good post as it confirmed my suspicions and we got to talk about it.  This discussion was perfectly timed as we were about to head off on a vacation and it allowed us to reset a bit.

On our vacation we were so busy touring that we didn't have much time for intimacy.  We did have one hot night of sex that had a tone of D/s to it.  Mistress had me fuck her and use my fingers on her to make her cum.  She kept teasing, asking me if I wanted to cum.  I know she didn't want my post orgasm attitude and nether did I so I resisted as much as possible.  We did have some D/s banter going on.  Mistress mentioned how she would like me to cum more often, but wanted me aroused as quickly as possible to avoid the negative effects of me cumming.  I told her that 24/7 chastity as well as teasing and denial would certainly do the trick.  I think we also discussed me moving the cage into the spare bedroom, but that memory is a bit fuzzy.  I kept edging myself with Mistress' pussy and when I'd get close she would have me  pull out and use my fingers to make her cum.   Mistress kept teasing me about it in a way that I thought she was going to let me cum.  I started to thrust as to get myself even closer to the edge and I asked permission to cum.  She told me 'no' and if any spurted out I would be cleaning it up with my tongue.  It was too late.  I stopped before I could orgasm but a huge glob of cum had escaped from my cock.  Mistress felt it and told me to clean it up with my mouth.  I pulled my cock out and much to my dismay was a large white glistening glob of cum a bit more than a tablespoon.  It was a surprising amount of cum given that I did not orgasm.  The last thing I wanted to do right then was lick it up, but it had been over a week since Mistress did anything Domme'y and I was dying to prove that I would be her submissive on her terms.  After I cleaned up, I gave Mistress another orgasm and she was done with me at that point.

We finished our holiday without any mention of anything else D's related and we had an amazing trip.  On the flight back Mistress announced that she started her period.  She didn't mention me going into chastity so I took a day to think about whether or not I should be locking myself up as per our previous agreement or not.  The next morning I did lock myself back up.  I left the keys on the counter with a note asking her to hide the keys if she did want me locked up and to put the keys on my vanity if I was being too pushy and she didn't want me locked.  When I got home the keys were nowhere to be found.  Yay!

Since we got back there is been a combination of me feeling insecure in my submission as well as I wanted Mistress to lead me on her terms.  I didn't dress feminine all week and I resisted my perfume and such for the most part.  The perfume has such a powerful effect on me that I knew if I wore it I would be dressing feminine without her telling me to.  Mistress did have me plug myself one night and I really enjoyed the spontaneity of the order. 

Last night Mistress told me that she was going to start ruling over me again.  I get the feeling she is ready to test my limits.  She keeps talking about me sleeping n the cage.  I am to be plugged 2 hours a day, indefinitely as far as I know.  I am to have my toenails painted again.  I am to wear my nighties every night and I am to dress feminine every morning.  I casually mentioned the whole internet meme of Locktober.  She said I didn't have to worry about Locktober as I wasn't going to be unlocked anytime soon.  Hot! 

It didn't really hit me last night but when I woke up this morning I counted my blessings that Mistress is willing to enforce her will over me.  My morning libido was hagh based on Mistress comments last night.  I woke up and put on my perfume.  It's as powerful as I remember it.  I the plugged my ass.  I grabbed the nail polish and then went to the spare bedroom to pick out my feminine outfit for the morning.

In closing I am very excited to have Mistress bossing me around again.  I want everything to be on her terms and if I get pushy for her to nip in in the bud.  I want to thank Mistress for keeping me locked up, plugged, feminized and held accountable.  Mistress owns me and I pledge to obey her completely. 


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