Thursday, October 12, 2017

A quick update

My focus has been heavy on work the last few days.  I am pulling back the frequency of my posts because of this.  Mistress hasn't required me to dress up this week, which I am missing more than I expected to.  I am dressing up when I work out as I only have feminine clothes in our basement gym. I am still locked in chastity and wearing a nighty at night.  I have now been locked up for over 2 weeks and it's been over 3 weeks since my cock had ANY stimulation.  My chastity device is now getting comfortable and is becoming a part of me, so maybe that means it's time to swap it out with a different one?  My balls are so full and my mind continues to go to dark and humiliating places.  The things I would do right now make me blush.

While I am in an absolutely submissive and feminine place, I can't get out of my mind a few recent blog posts I read early last week.  The blog is and she is the woman that beats her man on a very regular basis as well as dominating and humiliating him in front of and with other women.  Her stores frighten and excite me.  Recently she posted her need to switch and submit to her husband and she followed up with that experience.  While my preference is a submissive one, I am pretty darn creative and would get a huge rush from dominating Mistress.  I have not been allowed to dominate her for many years now.  Unfortunately.

Here are the relevant posts.  They are good reading and should arouse anyone, dominant or submissive.

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