Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It's a little over 48 hours since I had my orgasm.  I woke up extremely horny this morning.  If I had access to my cock this morning I would have been sure to edge myself whether or not I had permission to.  I fully expected my libido to be down for a few more days, but I'm not.

I have read that some Mistress make sure their slaves get an orgasm just often enough to remind them of what they are missing.  Instead of a lifetime or year of denial they may give them monthly, quarterly or semi annual orgasms.  At first I thought that's what happened to me.  Being reminded of an orgasm makes me want another one.  However, I think just being intimate and being close to the edge is what has me going right now.  I had gone more than a couple weeks with zero stimulation and ten wham, 30-40 edges.  Being stimulated to the edge of orgasm is all I need to remember what an orgasm could feel like.  In fact, Mistress used to make me edge every morning just to keep me going.  We had even played with me unlocking before bed, edging in the morning and locking up all day until bed again.  The tease is so much more effective than the denial, and both combined...WOW.  I also think egding (self or forced) builds some stamina to avoid premature ejaculation.  Using my fingers also avoids premature ejaculation so there are alternatives.

Since this period of devoted extended chastity and devoted orgasm denial is new to me I am not trying to direct the flow of what is happening.  I am only trying to identity and communicate what is going on in my head and with my body.  I am thinking I want fewer and fewer orgasms, but with frequent edging (hopefully edging from my Mistress).  Either way this journey is very fun and I like exploring different options.  I have especially enjoyed pleasing Mistress, and really do think our last couple of sexual encounters have been some of our best.            

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