Monday, January 25, 2016

A little fuzzy...

Yesterday Mistress and I watched the early NFL game at a friends house.  Afterward we came home and got in our hot tub.  After a good soak and some cocktails we headed for the bedroom.  I had enough to drink that looking back some of what happened is a little fuzzy.  I remember Mistress wanted to start with me tied up.  While I certainly wanted to be tied up, I wanted to pleasure Mistress first.  I love having her naked in front of me and last night was no exception.  I remember having my cock and fingers inside of her.  I remember tasting her yummy pussy wishing she would let me devour her and get her juices all over my face.  After a short while I found myself tied down to our bed.  Mistress stroked me to the edge many times.  I remember running at the mouth but don't remember much of what I said.  I know I convinced Mistress to feed me champagne via her mouth.  Lately I have had such a spitting fetish, but this was the closest I could get to having her spit on me much to my chagrin.  I asked her to let me taste her pussy after she used the bathroom.  Denied.  If I recall correctly she asked me what I should have to do when she is out of town on business in a couple weeks.  I told her I should be locked in chastity.  Then she said she may make be dress feminine that entire week when I am home.  We have cameras that she could keep an eye on to ensure I am dressed this way.  We also talked about me taking her to the airport or picking her up while dressed feminine.  That would be a huge mind fuck.  If we talked about anything else I don't remember, but I do remember wanting to consume her and be consumed by her as I was a mental mess.  Mistress gave me the impression she was going to force me to cum, even though I didn't want to, and then when I got it in my head I was going to be able to have an orgasm, she stopped.  Bummer.  

Now this morning I am in haze.  I am a little hung over and when I am hung over my mind goes into kinky over drive.  I am super horny right now a little bit of a mess.  Good thing I can be chaste without being locked up.  Looking back there was probably nothing I wouldn't have done last night.  The state of mind I was in could have made me do some things I would be humiliated about this morning, but still turned on.  Had there been another guy here, Mistress probably could have had me do her bidding.  While I still have a hard time imagining sucking another guys cock, I can imagine one sucking me off while I was tied up and Mistress watched.  I can't believe I just wrote that...

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  1. liquor can play mind games with us sometimes wondering the next day if we had a good time or not. You know in time there will be another guy there what will take place is up to her. If he does suck you it should be accepted by you without being tied up. And maybe after he sucks you there will be a strong feeling on your part to want to feel him in your mouth with her watching.