Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I have been posting to this blog for 5 years and for the most part any time wearing a chastity device was brought up I had to comment on how much I hated it.  Between my last relationship and this one I liked the concept, but not the reality.  Looking back it turns out I never gave it a fair chance.  Chastity was always about me and about how I should be getting something from my Mistress.  I felt if I was going to wear it, more kinky stuff should be happening to me.  I would get upset than kinky stuff wasn't happening to me or life would get in the way and I would want out.  That happened enough that I never actually got used to wearing the device.  I can honestly say that 3 weeks I crossed a threshold of adapting and coming up on 5 weeks I am even more adapted.

Now I have had to make some adjustments.  Wearing looser pants helps as does going without underwear.  Tight pants and underwear that doesn't allow for freer movement makes the device more uncomfortable that it should be.  I do miss wearing panties, but they don;t have room for my unlocked cock let alone a locked one.  Crotchless panties seem made for this but I don't have any.  

Working out was always a major pain.  I quit doing much cardio so that helps a lot, but even then the shorts I wear hold my device too tightly.  Since I workout from home I can revise things a bit.

Having my device full hanging out allows plenty of movement and doesn't pinch.  This would not be an option if I was doing cardio.

Sleeping can be a challenge, but I have to admit that being locked up for almost 5 weeks, I seem to have adapted pretty well.

Another thing that sucks is using public bathrooms.  In my device I must use a stall and a toilet.  When I am in a bar or restaurant I feel like such a pervert, but I guess that's part of the psychology of chastity.


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