Monday, September 21, 2015

In a mood

This morning I woke up not feeling so well.  That tends to make me go to my happy place which is normally easy for me to think of things.  For some reason today I had no specific thoughts.  That was until I came across a post on Tumblr.  This one post and 5 pics got me going.

After I saw those 5 pics my mind was off and running.  I dreamt of Mistress gagging me and making me smell her panties or even worse, smelling my own panties.  I thought about other things like having Mistress dirty tights gagging me and her crotch tied right under my nose.  The only way to breathe would be through my nose so I would be engulfed in her scent.  I can imagine the endorphin rush just from that.  Then my mind drifted off to being gagged with panties crusty with my cum (and Mistress cum too).  I was surprised how many pics there are of women gagged with panties, but hardly any guys.  Stupid internet.


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