Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pushing Limits

Last night Mistress had a girl's night out.  I was in a bit of a mood so I wore this while watching TV.

Despite being horny, I almost fell asleep on the couch.  I decided I was no longer horny and was ready for bed.  Mistress came home a short while later and got into bed.  She said "put your nighty on".  I did as told and my horniness was re-awakened. I went from almost falling asleep on the couch, to not falling asleep for 90 minutes.  Mistress' one comment hit me in the brain.  That and me wearing a nighty.

As I tried to fall asleep I had some thoughts.  So far all of my scene ideas are "extreme".  Not extreme in the general sense, but they are all scenes where I want to be pushed past my limits.  For example, my rotisserie self bondage scene (described HERE) was specifically designed to push me past my limits.  There is no way in the world I would purposely yank clothespins off my cock and balls, let alone slowly.  As much as it hurt, my only regret was that I was able to jerk away and speed up the removal.  In my fantasy world Mistress would tie me so I couldn't move and she would whisper in my ears how this was my doing.  She would taunt me for being such a twisted slut.  She would be masturbating while I scream suffer.  While I know she cares, I would love to see her enjoy my suffering.

The same goes for the spanking, cum eating, the face fucking, and electricity.  I don't want her to stop when I start begging her to.  I don't want her to stop when I start shutting down and getting angry.  I want her to stop when I have accepted that she wont stop.  I suspect it will be difficult for us initially as we learn how to respond.  Sub-drop and top-drop are to be likely.

No matter what though, just thinking about Mistress pushing my past my limits has my cock so hard right now.

Also, I dreamt up some new scenes last night, posted here Scene Ideas


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