Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some Eye Candy for Mistress

Mistress has commented on how she likes this slaves pictures.  Here are some recent ones from

Devoted Pet.
No matter how many thousands of miles I traveled, my little slut followed me obediently, trying to be useful in any way imaginable. -Mistress

Summer vacation for a sissy.
To make sure Pet was on his best behavior, he was locked up whenever we ventured outside. I loved seeing his poor cock strain against the hot metal cage, keeping the slut stimulated and frustrated all day. -Mistress


My caged pet looks delicious in the sunshine. It makes me want to do very depraved things to her. -Mistress

Cock tease.
While recently out of town I left Pet uncaged with the caveat that he not cum prior to my return. He made use of the time by teasing himself in anticipation. -Mistress

In his proper place. 
This is one of my favorite photos of Pet. It’s exactly how I want him to be at all times–dressed like a slut, on the floor, plugged and caged. -Mistress
Like a toy.
When I tease Pet by pulling the chain attached to her cage, it makes her cock drip. Pet enjoys being on a short leash. -Mistress

Show and tell.
Pet couldn’t wait to model the new “panties” I got him. I think it makes his ass look even more fuckable than it already is. -Mistress

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