Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vacation Sex

Mistress and I went on a recent trip and we had a great time.  We had more sex in a week than we have in the last 2-3 months.  It was awesome.  Here are some takeaways from our trip.

  • Porn.  Our hotel was an adults only hotel and they had one channel of free porn that was available all the time.  It was a little more hard core than I would have expected. There was some mild D/s themed programs which also surprised me.  We had sex quite a few times with the porn playing in the background.  However the best was when  Mistress had me tied to the bed and blindfolded.  She had porn playing which I could hear and she would describe to me what was happening.  It was such a rush, I have now figured out how to get porn in our bedroom.  I imagine lots of Femdom playing on the TV when we play, but also some guy on guy porn or transsexual porn when Mistress wants to fuck with me.
  • Rubber bands.  I brought some rubber bands on the trip which I put on myself prior to Mistress tying me to the bed.  I was somewhat drunk the night of the rubber bands so I think the pain may have been a little numbed. While I remember it was painful I really, really liked the marks it left.  I liked how Mistress could cause so much pain and she didn't even need to pick up an instrument to hurt me.  I am turned on about thinking about experimenting more with rubber bands, especially with winter coming and bruises being easier to hide.  I think about Mistress "writing" words on my body with bruises from rubber bands as well as bruising my cock and balls with rubber bands.
  • Feminine wear.  A few nights I had to wear a nighty and I wore panties one or 2 times.  It's such a catch-22 for me.  I love Mistress to make me wear feminine items, but when I have choices my ego gets in the way and I revert back to my male ego.  This was especially true this trip since I had so many orgasms, wearing a nighty was about the last thing I wanted to do.  So not wearing one to bed felt like a minor victory, but when I would wake up in the morning I would miss the erotic humiliation of waking up in a nighty.  Wearing a nighty especially when I don't want to is a great show of her power over me.  It's such a conundrum for me, my male ego fighting with my kinky side.  But ultimately, Mistress forcing femininity on me goes straight to the deepest part of my brain.  Being told what to wear very fulfilling.
  • Cum Eating.  One night I talked Mistress into a deal.  If I came inside of her and didn't immediately lick it out of her that she would force me into chastity for an entire month.  Just the thought of either item got me close to the edge.  Mistress verbalizing me locked up and teasing the fuck out of me got me to the edge instantly.  Mistress didn't think I would do it, but as soon as I came I went down on her.  We didn't get much of a chance to see how far I would go or how good of a job I would do since room service showed up about 5 seconds after I put my head between her legs.  Saved by the bell!    
  • Pee.  One might Mistress peed in a place that a few people could have seen.  I certainly saw it but I don't know if anyone else did.  I was shocked as this wasn't like her.  Being my my drunk and horny state my submissive mind took off.  I took her straight back to the room to have sex and to see what happened.  While were having sex I told Mistress that when I was feeling particularly nasty I fantasized about piss being part of my fantasies.  She said that she would tie me up in our shower and piss on me.  As I write this the thought of it grosses me out but at the same time it's making my cock very, very hard.  The humiliation and the loss of control overrides the "ick factor".  I have had some thoughts on how to incorporate piss in our play.
All in all we had a very sexual week.  We traveled with some friends we couldn't have me running around with bruises or risk one of them seeing panties sticking out of my pants, but hopefully on some future trip I will be Mistress' chastity wearing panty slave.  I love our life.  

P.S.  I edged and had some pre-cum leak out.  I licked it up as required. 

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