Thursday, September 24, 2015

Videos, Edging and Eating Cum

I have a lot to do today, but I wanted to make a quick post.  Last night Mistress had made sure I wore a nighty.  I truly appreciate it when she tells me to do something in a D/s way.  At the time I was not wanting to do it as my male ego got in the way.  However this morning I woke up very, very horny.  As I walked to the bathroom I felt the padded cups of the nighty.  Once I got to the bathroom I pulled up my nighty (I sit to pee due to the piercing in my cock).  I felt very naughty and submissive.  I also thought about as much as I didn't want it last night, I happy I was to be wearing it this morning.  The erotic humiliation is intoxicating.  I then weighed myself, picked out some new panties and my male clothes and got ready.  I removed my nighty and admired the marks from the straps on my shoulders, the marks left from the cup.  I turned to look at my back and was surprised how much the back was marked from the nighty.  I may have been lucky I didn't wear my nighty more on our trip.  Someone may have noticed when I took my shirt off (blush).

After Mistress left for work I found some more videos to be able to be viewed in our bedroom.  I focused on ruined orgasms, caning, post orgasm torture.

While waiting on a download I decided to edge myself a few times.  I am allowed to edge, but if any cum is released I must now consume it.  I found a video of a woman with her boyfriend locked in chastity and tied down.  He was also gagged with duct tape forcing him to breathe through his nose.  She verbally teased and tormented him while teasing his cock and making him smell her pussy.

Apparently the idea of being locked and teased was too much. My edging didn't go as planned.  I thought I would go for a good 10 minutes or so.  I edged myself and while I was still soft, a good drop of pre-cum escaped which I had to lick up before proceeding. I decided not to edge any more as I didn't want to eat any more cum.  Cumming and stopping before I even got hard was not part of my plan.  A half hour later I still have a sticky taste in the back of my throat.


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