Friday, October 21, 2016

Reflection on the week

Since Monday morning I am back in slave mode.  I am collared, dressed in feminine wear, following instructions and tasks and trying to be more of service.  Here are some thoughts so far.

On Monday Mistress and I went out to happy hour with one of her friends.  I am currently not drinking so I just had water.  Mistress and her friend proceeded to drink and gossip.  I felt something at the time, but it didn't really click until last night.  I was essentially her chauffeur.  I have fantasized about Mistress making me dress up and taking a group of women out on the town.  I wouldn't join them, I would just be there to drive them around and get them home safely.  I also fantasize about Mistress controlling my food and drink when we go out.  Now she didn't say I couldn't drink, but it was easy for my mind to make the leap.  Over the next month of me not drinking I can see Mistress making me feel more like her servant when we do out than an equal partner.  Hot!

I am having to dive deeper into my feminine closet.  It scares me yet excites me.  I am trying to be safe and deniable with what I wear, but Mistress has added a challenge of not allowing me to wear the same thing in the same week.  In my opinion that leaves it a little too safe for me.  I will wear my 7 safest outfits each week.  Instead, I imagine having to wear every item at least once prior to being able to start over on my wardrobe.  Once I wear it, it goes into a hamper until I've worn everything.  That would mean I would be in some pretty skimpy/slutty dresses for a few days.  The thought makes me shudder.  I also think of being required to wear additional items like bras, breast forms, wigs, and high heels.  That would be the right kind of mean.

Also, I wore three different feminine items under my male clothes while at work this week.  A pair of control top pantyhose, a pair of heavy duty pink leggings and a body shaper.  All of them kept my cock squished down and made me feel very constricted.  Mistress said "it's good for you".  I can't agree more.

Lastly, I feel that I have failed a couple times this week.  The requirement is that I have to be dressed femme within 30 minutes of coming home.  I failed twice.  Once on Wednesday when I got home from work, and yesterday after we ran a morning errand.  In both cases I continued to be dressed in my male clothes for well over an hour.  To make matters worse, yesterday I had items to put on about 20 feet away from me.  I believe the failure occurred due to me wanting to maintain that last little bit of control as well as me fighting some internal insecurities.  Even this morning I had to overcome this problem.  We have some company coming over this morning.  I intended to wear my male clothes until they left.  Instead I sucked it up and put on some pink yoga pants and a feminine sweatshirt.  I will change clothes 10 minutes before they get here, but I will be wearing feminine items under my male clothes.  Regardless I feel there should be consequences for failing.  I really, really want to do as I'm told 100% and need to be held accountable to make this work.


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