Monday, October 24, 2016

Used the way I should be

Yesterday Mistress finally used her sex slave the way he should be used.  The focus was on her and her orgasms.  We started with me on top inside of Mistress.  It had been 4 weeks since I had been inside her so I was ready to cum after about 90 seconds when Mistress had her first orgasm.  For Mistress' next orgasm I had to use my fingers inside her.  Mistress had me kneel by her side so she could stroke my cock while I fingered her.

Mistress had a couple more orgasms and she could barely stroke me 10 or so times before I was pulling away from her expert hand.  I put my cock back inside her and begged her not to let make me orgasm.  I told her how I want to denied orgsms for so long that I agree to do the most debased things she can think of.  How I want to be overwhelmed with desire and be used and abused.

Mistress had me get the Hitachi and she started playing with herself.  She told me to stop touching her and to stroke my cock.  I was warned that any cum that escapes my cock needed to be licked up.  Well that did it and I had a couple teaspoons drip out.  I quickly scooped them up with my fingers and went back to stroking.  I could only manage about 6 strokes each time before I had to stop myself.  Mistress alternated between giving herself orgams and having me do it.  Then Mistress started talking about bringing another woman into the bedroom.  I moaned.  She tentatively started to mention bringing a man in and I told her I was now at a place in our relationship where she could start teasing and talking about bringing a man into our world.  Mistress mentioned a guy sucking my cock, and then having me suck him off instead. This is still a hard limit for me, but I see no harm in bringing the discussion into our world if for no other reason than to push buttons.   Maybe someday my stance will change.

I pulled my hand away from my cock to avoid getting too close to the edge.  Within seconds I felt a pulse and before I know it my cock was dripping cum.  Then cum was boiling out of my cock and down the shaft.  A lot of cum.  I reached down and started scooping the cum into my mouth.  It took several attempts to get it all.  Overall it wasn't too bad but a couple globs made me think twice about what I was doing.  I think I can be safe saying that it's the most cum I have ever eaten - so far.  After I cooled down a bit I put my cock back inside Mistress and fucked her trying to get myself close to orgasm.  At this point my body and subconscious mind wanted an orgasm even if my submissive mind didn't want one.  But it didn't happen. I came too much to have an orgasm.  I could have kept fucking Mistress, but our room got too hot and Mistress was worn out from many gushing orgasms.  At the time I denied it, but now I can say for sure I had a ruined orgasm.  I don't think I could have made it any more ruined if I tried.

I got up and got dressed in some women's clothes.  For the next few hours I had that common let down from cumming.  I was feeling insecure and felt "off".  However it didn't last long.  Being forced back into my feminine role immediately was the best thing I could have done.  By bedtime I was getting my desperation back.  I picked out a nighty I never pick for myself as it has padded inserts.  I was ready to be back to a sissy slut.  I fell asleep replaying the day in my mind.  I relished the idea of Mistress using me the way she did with no guilt.  I thought about us doing this more frequently so that I can be trained to please her better and trained to hold back better.  I smiled as I thought about how eagerly I cleaned up my cum and how good it made me feel obey her unconditionally.

By morning I woke up with a massive hard on.  Whatever drop I had last night is long gone.  I was excited to get up and put on my feminine work out clothes.  I am working from home today and am feeling particularly naughty.  As I play back yesterday in my mind, I wouldn't change a thing except maybe not ruining my orgasm. I get turned on thinking about how I am a cum swallowing, sissy slave for my Mistress.  A slut to be used and abused for her pleasure.  I am in my happy place.  

I thought it would never stop

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