Monday, August 22, 2016

Chastity and Periods

Mistress mentioned that she liked the idea of me being locked during her periods as a reminder of what she is going through.  I was looking for some relevant blogs.  This is the most relevant one I could find.  

This woman has it down to a science.  She has his entire month of chastity and orgasms synced with her monthly cycle.  28 days perfectly choreographed.  She goes from giving him 4 days of orgasms (5 a day) to a dead stop (the day she starts her period) to maximize his compliance when she needs it the most.  When her period is over his libido is built back up.  In the premenstrual days he is at his most obedient.  He is only unlocked 4 days a month and whenever she desires sex for the other 24 days.  His peaks coincide with hers.  Kind of hot really.    

That means he is locked 313 days a year (shudder).

A couple articles referenced in the post are linked below.

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