Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Outlook On Chastity

I started experimenting with chastity back in 1999 or 2000.  At the time I started with the CB-2000.

Not Me

This was such a new concept.  The thought of being under control by my then wife was so exciting.  The device was terribly uncomfortable, but I made due.  The biggest issue was that my wife never really got into the chastity thing.  I take that back.  She got into having me lock up and then forgetting about it.  I traveled quite a bit back then and to be on the road, locked up and having your keyholder ignore the situation was awful.  I am willing to trade some discomfort for the excitement, but the excitement wasn't there.  The device eventually broke while sleeping one night.  It was so painful that I still remember it.

I then upgraded to the CB-3000

The device was a mild upgrade, but still not worth the hassle without a keyholder that was not an active participant.  I became resentful.  Not at the concept of chastity, but at how it was implemented.  
Many years later the wife at the time started to get a little bit more into D/s and FLR.  We attended some events, visited a pro-domme a few times and that created an opportunity to try chastity again.  We decided to invest in a custom device.  I got a Price Alber piercing to prevent pulling out from the device.  We did lots of research and spent way too much money on a beautiful custom device.

This device was the best I have owned.  It was heavy but for the most part comfortable.  I still had the issue of my balls being pulled and after a week my scrotum would start to chaffe to to all the readjusting.  It's very secure, especially with the lock that goes through the piercing.  Within a year of getting this device my marriage had ended.  My new partner and now Mistress and keyholder took more interest in chastity, but the same issues came back.  I became resentful about chastity.  

In the last year I had a mindset change and decided that my being chaste was of showing I was invested in D/s.  The mindset helped quite a bit.  At the end of 2015 and into 2015 I went 4 weeks and 1 day in chastity.  It was the easiest chastity experience as Mistress was more involved than normal.  However the device was still more work than it was worth.

Over the last couple years I started seeing devices that didn't need to support itself off the testicles.  I was intrigued.  Men really seemed to like these devices and swore they were more comfortable.  I was skeptical as I have already invested a small fortune in devices.  I came across a plastic device that was 3-D printed.  

It's super lightweight.  In fact the lock on the device weighs as mush as the device itself.  If I use the plastic security tabs it;s only a couple ounces.  Since my sweet spot for an orgasm is right below the glans, I don't need a device that covers my entire cock.  Just the top third is enough to prevent me from trying to stimulate myself.  I can cheat and get an orgasm from a Hitachi, but you can do that with any device.  I really don't like Hitachi orgasms as much as friction based ones anyhow.  

So after 15 years of chastity resentment I have determined it was due to the discomfort of the device.  My current device is comfortable enough that I don't need the constant attention of my keyholder to override the discomfort of the device.  Obviously the more attention, the better, but the device itself creates no resentment for me.  I can ride my bike, run, lift weights, swim, etc and really not have to worry about the device all that much.  I can pee standing up for the most part but I still sit at home which most guys with piercings do anyhow.  I can wear whatever I want.  Feminine clothing is much more comfortable with this device vs other devices.  

All of that being said, I now find chastity enjoyable.  I recently went 2.5 weeks without being locked and kind of missed it.  I wasn't about to ask to be locked up, but was pleasantly surprised when I was told I would be.  All the fantasies I had for years are more believable now.  Having my cock locked and owned by my Mistress.  Giving up the right to touch my cock.  Giving up 100% control of my orgasms.  Being able to prove my fidelity (I'm not the cheating type, but a device certainly proves it).  All of the above with very little discomfort.  It's a match made in heaven for me.  So all of my years of complaining about chastity are over.               

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