Friday, August 19, 2016

New Opportunities

We have had some recent changes in our world.  This means we will be spending much more time together and will have free time we didn't have before.  The other night Mistress said something to the effect of " since I have less control at work, I plan to take more control of you".  That is one of the hottest things I have ever heard.

My job has gotten to the point of where I work form home much more than I had.  This morning in my horny haziness of trying to wake up I had naughty thoughts of being put in unusual situations during the day.  I read lots of stories of Mistresses that make their slaves stay naked around the house.  Others make their slaves wear a suit while others keep their men in feminine wear or bondage all day.  Some torture their slaves during the day in intervals  I thought of having to wear clothes I see in ads in gay bondage websites or slutty outfits all day.

Mistress now has more time to watch or read naughty things.  She has the ability to be a task master and make me drop what I am doing to do whatever she wishes.  She can essentially have 24/7 control over me as her job won't interfere like it did before.  Mistress is very creative when she has the time and ability.  When we first met she had a voracious appetite for learning my proclivities and put me in some very unique situations.

I adore my Mistress and want her to be the happiest woman on the planet.  I am very excited to please her in any way I can.  

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