Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Too Nice?

Last night Mistress and I had quick but hot sex.  As soon as we started she started talking about some things she has planned on an upcoming trip.  Clear nail polish for both my finger and toe nails.  Panties almost every day.  Teasing and denial while I am locked in chastity.  Mistress fucking my ass with a dildo.  The sex was quick, but much needed.

Mistress is very kind to me and as a macho male I appreciate it, however my submissive side is looking back on last night thinking she was too nice.  First off, I came a bunch.  Half of me is thankful Mistress didn't make me eat any of it.  The other half is wishing Mistress at least smeared cum all over my face if not making me use my tongue to clean up.  The other nice thing Mistress did was not make me lock myself back up in chastity right away.  In fact, she went to work and told me to lock myself up after my bike ride this morning.  While physically I was happy to be unlocked for sleep and my ride, my submissive mind yearned for a meaner version of Mistress that locked me up the second I came.  The mind fuck of instant lock up is insane.   I guess what I am saying is that as a submissive male, meaner = nicer.

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