Saturday, August 20, 2016

In a mood...

I woke up way too early again.  I wasn't ready to get out of bed, and I really thought I could go back to sleep.  Instead I had 2 hours of naughty thoughts going through my head.  The main catalyst for this is last night as we were going to bed Mistress told me that I had to lock myself up in the morning.  Also not cumming in 2.5 weeks is a pretty substantial reason.  So here is the mix of thoughts that crammed my mind this morning.

1st thought was about going back into chastity.  I felt my hard cock and especially the sweet spot a few last times before getting out of bed.  To avoid being tempted too much, I locked myself first thing this morning after feeding the dog.  I imagined a lot of teasing until Mistress decides to unlock me.  She is having her period which means I'll be locked for some time.  That reminds me of reading about Mistresses that keep their slaves locked when they have their periods to remind them to be sensitive.  Other Mistresses make their slaves wear panty liners or special panties during their periods.

We went shopping at a mall yesterday.  We walked by many stores that make my cock twitch.  The Bally, Maidenform, Hanes store.  A store that carried women's workout clothes.  Several stores that had women's clothes and when in stores, walking by displays of things that turn me on.  I don;t admit to it much, but whenever we walk by these items, whether in a mall, Target, Costco or any other place, my cock twitches just a bit.  I dream of Mistress humiliating me by buying something just for me and the public part of that shames me even more.  I am reminded of the times Mistress has done that.  Nighty shopping and Goodwill shopping for clothes for my feminine side.  It's a real mindfuck vs shopping online.  A couple stories that stick in my mind.  This Mistress taking her slave to get fitted for a bra at Victoria's Secret   Or this Mistress that sends guys into Victoria's Secret with a note that they don't know what is on it

I also spent a lot of time thinking about some naughtiness on an upcoming trip.  Thinking about panties, nighties, painted nails, clear mascara, maybe some perfume or women's deodorant.  Chastity under my swimsuit and on the plane.  Maybe a butt plug or the strap on.  A little public humiliation.  Possible bondage, teasing and denial and lots and lots of sex... hmmmmm


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