Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ramped up

I'm a little surprised how quickly 24+ hours in chastity has gotten me ramped back up.  Last night I had lots of dreams that I faintly remember as being sexy and with D/s elements, but I don't remember any of them.  I do know that I woke up a few times with my cock straining against my chastity device.  When I got ready for bed last night I stood in front of the mirror in my nighty and with my chastity device sticking out from underneath.  I felt so erotically humiliated.  This morning when I got up, and went to the bathroom I pulled up my nighty and sat down to pee with my pink chastity device squeezing my cock.  Again, so erotically humiliating.  To be a masculine guy at my age with such feminine and submissive tendencies just makes my head spin.  Just writing this makes my head spin.

I ran into a blog yesterday that I have been reading a bit    I haven't read much, but the few things I have read are her keeping her man in chastity pretty much 24/7, she frequently chains him to her bed, and he's forced to wear latex shorts as well as a latex maids dress

I don't know why the longer I go without cumming the more my brain fills with feminine thoughts.  I understand why I get more extreme fantasies, but the feminine part surprises me.  I would think the more cum I get stored up, the more I would have masculine thoughts.  Either way, my mind is a mess today.  A nice horny, desperate mess.  

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