Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today's Edge - Vacation Naughtiness

This morning I was able to hang out in bed for a bit after Mistress left.  I didn't sleep well and that always gets my mind running in a submissive way.  We will be going on vacation soon and when I was edging myself this morning I thought about potential vacation naughtiness.  Here are some of the thoughts I came up with.

Having my finger and toenails painted clear for the entire vacation.
Mistress having me wear clear mascara every night at dinner.
Wearing light perfume or feminine deodorant in the evenings.
Panties as much as she wants.  Or no underwear.  Or???
Being forced to wear a butt plug in the pool or at dinner.
Wearing my chastity device in the pool.  No one would likely notice, but I would imagine the whole world could see it.
Bondage bed straps
Strap on play
Ziptie bondage
Feminine bedwear
A nice bruised ass to take on vacation

Needless to say I was very aroused and ready to cum with all of these thoughts going through my mind.

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