Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeling Slutty

I wanted to write this while my testosterone is still at its morning high.  I'm plugged with my largest plug, pantied, my fingernails are painted clear and my toenails are painted one shade pinker than clear.  Last night Mistress surprised me by making me wear a nighty.  After being in chastity all day and wearing the nighty last night, this morning's tasks have me hyper-sexualized right now.

I have to confess.  As much as I dislike the physical discomfort of chastity, it's more than compensated by what it does to my brain.  I am pretty much a helpless little slut right now even though I am not locked up.  Replaying the last couple times in my brain and how I felt has me very amped up.  I will probably regret what I just wrote, but I can't deny the effects of chastity.

I was so ramped up last night after being told to wear a nighty that I had a hard time going to sleep. I had so many naughty thoughts going through my mind, but most of them were not about my pleasure, they were about Mistress using my for her desires.  I fantasized about her going out with a friend of hers to a swingers club with me locked in a cage at home.

Today's fantasy...
If I didn't have so much to do today I can imagine me sitting here in just a bra and panties. My nipples clamped, the dildo gag in my mouth, a posture collar around my neck, high heels on my feet, restraints locked on my ankles and wrists.  I would be locked in chastity, and instead of a butt plug, Mistress would have me put a dildo on my ass.  Mistress would text me telling me I had to stay like this until she texted me back.  I wouldn't know if it was for how long.  My jaw would ache, my nipples would be on fire.  I would get a text, but it would be her saying she is watching me on cam.  She would tell me to rise up and down on the doldo in my ass.  She would taunt me about what a slut I have become.  She would be saving pics to humiliate me with later.

A couple things that spoke to me this morning.

Confession: this is on my wish list.
Shocking dog collar
Very Hot


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