Thursday, May 22, 2014

Male Slave Cage Training

I just found this.  The thought of it is scary and intoxicating at the same time.

Male Slave Cage Training

By Domina Cambridge  -

I’m not a gentle Domme. I expect my slave men to be humble and obedient. I'm a sadist. So anyone who approaches me can expect lots of pain and even more humiliation.


Every now and then though I spot a bit of submale fluff that I want to use for amorous purposes. Damaging his soft silky skin is for once not my aim. He needs to be cheerfully dependent.

Still I want total humility and unthinking obedience. For these slave boys I use extended caging.

They stay tied up in their cages.
They are in their cages when I feed them.
Only released when it is time for work, bed or it is a scheduled time of excretion.
These guys I stroke and talk with gently. Neuro linguistic programming works just fine.
After about a month they are ready for life outside the cage. Humble and adoring slaves.

That post got me thinking about other caging pages.

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