Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's Edge - Maddening Tease

This morning Mistress left the house very early.  That allowed me to edge while in bed.  This morning I edged to the thought of being teased until I am in tears or bargaining away my pride.

I imagine Mistress telling me a couple days in advance how she is going make me wish I never taught her to tease me.  The next day she reminds me I have one day until I will be begging if not crying.

The day of the tease (a Friday) Mistress tells me to get all of the things I need to do done by noon.  At noon I get an email telling me to put on my restraints and to use the small locks to put them on me (she has the keys with her).  I am also told to lock the posture collar around my neck.  She also has me take an assortment of toys to our bedroom.  The hitachi, cock pump, TENS unit, water based and silicone lube, condoms, clothespins, didlo gag, ring gag and various hitting implements.  On her way home from work Mistress tells me to pop a hard on pill as well as another pill we have as she want my inhibitions lowered.  She tells me to get naked and to restrain myself as much as possible in our bed with a blindfold on.

I hear her come home.  She takes her time coming upstairs.  I say hi to her, but she doesn't respond.  She finally comes up to me and kisses me.  She pulls back and tells me to open my mouth.  She puts something in my mouth which I guess to be the dildo gag.  She pulls it back out and tells me to keep my mouth open.  She puts someting in my mouth and immediately the didlo gag goes back in.  She informs me it's the crusty cum filled panties from months ago.  She also informs me I will likely be tied to the bed for the next few hours.  I can get untied any time I want just by not telling her if I am about to cum, but if I don't tell her every time I am about to cum and I actually do cum I will be locked into my chastity device for 30 days without release.  That's plenty of motivation for me.  Mistress then lubes up my cock and strokes me for a short while and then mounts me for her first orgasm.  Once she has that she pulls off and stokes me to the edge.  I mumble through gag that I am close.  She stops and then proceeds to use the dildo gag on my face and the hitachi to give herself another orgasm.  She also happens to squirt all over my face so the blindfold gets soaked and with the gag in my mouth all I can smell is her juices.  Add this to the cum starting to come out of the panties in my mouth and I am feeling pretty debased.  Debased and extremely horny.   Mistress then takes a clothespin and puts it on one of my nipples.  She informs me it will be switched back and forth between my nipples until she is done using me. She then uses something that feels like hair ties to attach the Hitachi to my cock and she puts it on a very low setting.  She leaves the room.  After some time Mistress comes back.  She then uses the vacuum cock pump on me for about 5 minutes and then strokes me to the edge again.  She moves the clothespin to the other nipple and edges me again.  She tells me that I am getting close to the edge too quickly so she slows down her stroking to a medium pace.  I really want her to go faster, but she just keeps it up.  I don't even get close to the edge which is maddening.  At least when I get close to the edge I can feel heightened pleasure., but this is just medium, and frustrating.  She alternates between edging me and going slow and deliberate.  She verbally humiliates me.  She tells me she wants to hear me sucking the cum out of the panties in my mouth. She tells me how she is going to make me beg to stop her to stop teasing me.  She teases me about the naughty clothes she is going to make me wear every night we are at home together.

Mistress then takes the gag out of my mouth.  She asks me questions that she must have found online.  They seem designed to be place suggestive in my mind as well and probing deep into my past.  Due to my horny state and the inhibition lowering pill I took earlier, I answer her in ways that surprise even me.  Mistress continues to stroke me until I am literally thrashing.  She then rolls a condom on my cock and use the Hitachi on me.  She reminds me what will happen if I don't alert her if I am about to cum.  She keeps the hitachi on my cock and each time I tell her I am about to cum she shuts it off.  Instead of her waiting long between edges I notice she is trying to stop just as I start to cum.  She eventually succeeds in ruining my orgasm.  I am so frustrated.  She removes the blindfold off my eyes.  As my eyes adjust, I watch her take a very cum filled condom off my cock and empty into a shot glass.  She proceeds to tell me that is the first one.  She tells me I can drink my cum willingly or she will ruin another one with the Hitachi again in about 20 minutes.  I refuse, she blindfolds me again and she leaves the room.  Sometime later Mistress comes back in the room.  I feel her rub something moist on my lips which at first freaks me out, but then I realize its red wine as I can smell it.  Mistress strokes my cock to get me hard again.  She rolls a condom on my cock and turns the hitachi back on.  She informs me that I will either be drinking my cum, or my cock will end up being swollen and in pain due her continuous ruined orgasms until I comply.  She tells me it would be better to do it now before the shot glass gets any fuller.  She then manages to produce another ruined orgasm, but as soon as my twitching is done she turns the hitachi back on to torture my sensitive cock.  I am screaming and giggling and asks me if I am willing to drink cum to make it stop.  I still refuse.  She removes the blindfold and makes a big presentation of pouring my latest load into the shot glass.  She blindfolds me again and leaves the room, but not before putting the hitachi on my cock on a low setting.

She comes back into the room.  I tell her I am not going to drink cum.  She says "we'll see".  She touches my lips again with something wet.  It's red wine again.  She goes to kiss me and I kiss her back.  She releases a small but of red wine into my mouth which I eagerly drink.  She kisses me again and puts some more red wine in my mouth, but in a split second I realize it's not just red wine.  She managed to get a whole bunch of cum in my mouth and now there was a thick piece of duct tape over my mouth. Mistress says "you don't have to drink it.  You can just hold it in your mouth and enjoy the taste, but I am not taking that tape off for 20 minutes".  I quickly realize what's best for me and swallow it down while it still has some red wine taste to it.  Mistress then lays next to me and uses the hitachi on her self for a couple mind blowing orgagsms.  She then takes the tape off and we chat things out before she unties me.

That is what I edged to this morning.  On my last edge, I stopped stroking, waited about 10 seconds and I felt a spurt left my testicles.  I fought to keep it in, and was surprised about how much came out 5 -10 seconds later.  It was about a tablespoon.  It certainly wasn't an orgasm as it took so long there was no spasms pushing it out after the initial push.  I hate it when that happens, but it did tell me I did get right to the edge.

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