Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This morning's edge had me imagining being tied down to our bed.  Mistress has the electric butt plug in my ass slowly (but strongly) fucking my ass.  She tells me it's going to be a long night.  She tells me her goal is to get as much cum out of me without giving me an orgasm.  She starts climbing on top and putting my cock in her.  She gives herself a couple of orgams now as she knows if she waits, she might accidentally give me one. After climbing off she give me slow strokes from her lubed hand.  She ramps up the wear I start to strain and she stops.  She does this 3 more times, and after the 3rd one, she notices ,y cock leaking in time to the strokes of the electric plug buried in my ass.  Once my cock stops leaking she keeps up her teasing.  About every 2-3 minutes she pushes me a little further, stops and watches cum dribble out of my cock.  After some time less come is coming out, so she reaches for the hitachi.  As she senses I am about to have an orgasm she stops and of course the plug milks my prostate some more.  Eventually she can;t get any more out of me.  I am begging for her to stop as I can;t take any more stimulation.  She has a choice, stop or try to bring me to a dry painful orgasm. That is what got me going this morning!    

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