Friday, September 13, 2013


Some desires I have been thinking about but have not put in writing in some time.  I am doing this at the request of MBB.

My number one desire is to know what Mistress desires.  I always tell her my thoughts, but I really, really want to know what makes her hot.  I want to know what she thinks about when she gets herself off.  I want to know what she would make me do if she could.  Even if it does nothing from me, I want her to whisper her fantasies in my ear while we have hot sex.

My ass.  MBB asked me what I want done to my ass.  A good hard spanking would be one thing.  One to where I am begging her to stop.  Real begging.  We will have to work up to it to get her confidence level up.  She is worried about hurting me.  Ass fucking.  MBB telling me some afternoon to be clean and prepared for her.  It could be the fucking machine, her using a dildo, or her making me use a dildo on myself.  I also imagine her beating my ass while I have a shaved piece of ginger in my ass so my clenching makes it sting (

Chastity.  When I think of this I always imagine it being a pretty active scenario.  Lots of teasing, serving Mistress, pleasuring Mistress all with the idea that I won't be released or if I am released, locked back up without an orgasm.  I imagine lying in bed next to her, locked up and watching her pleasure herself (or being blindfolded while she does it).  Every night.
Unfortunately the chastity I fantasize about takes a lot of effort on Mistress' part.  Now on the flip side, I can still imagine chastity without all of that attention, but it would be much harder for me to take mentally and I can imagine some frustration and possibly acting out.

Cage.  We have a dog cage.  I desire to be locked up in it.  Not because I want to be in a cage, but because I want to know that MBB has the confidence to know she can lock me up and I will accept it.  I imagine after the first hour or 2 I would hate it, but knowing she "forced" me to do it, would be super hot.

Writing lines.  Either as punishment or as a way for me to end something (chastity) or to get something I want (scene time).  I'm not sure why this idea gets me hot, but I think it's because the task would take no effort on MBB's part, and it would be tedious and make me be focused.  I even found some online writing tools that track errors and add on lines for mistakes or delays.

Feminization.  Panties every day.  Other undergarments when MBB chooses.  Nighties.  I really like her telling me to do it versus me just doing it.  It feels more like an order versus me just doing it.  Making me do something Femme in public.  Humiliating me in a feminine way.  Verbally taunting me about feminine things.

Cum eating.  I don't want to taste my cum (I really don't), but certainly want to be forced.  Addressed in detail HERE .  Actually I can think of a few things I don't want in my mouth, but the idea of it being forced gets me hot.

Some sort of scene where I am safe wording due to pain, frustration, fear, humiliation etc.  I imagine myself almost in tears before she decides to stop what she is doing.  I am sure pushing me this hard scare her, but I think we could build up to it.  I really dream of not being in control of a situation.   Like the saying goes, it's not bondage until you want out.

Skin cutting or marker writing.

Predicament bondage.  Much like one I used on her when we first met.  She could even make me create it...

Those are the things that have been running through my mind most recently.  Thank you Mistress for making me put them in writing again.

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