Monday, September 9, 2013

Today's Edge - Upcoming Trip

Mistress and I just got back from a nice long trip.  It's good to be home though.  During our trip we got to have sex and it was great.  Mistress said a few things when we did that got me off very quickly, and they have stuck in my mind ever since.  This morning I edged to those thoughts.

I have to travel for business this week.  Mistress told me that since she didn't want me wearing my steel collar on the road I would have to paint my toenails.  Now that always weirds me out since we have to take off our shoes at the airport, but other than wearing super thin socks, no one would know.  I always imagine people are paying far more attention to me than they are.  The other thing she said was that she planned on beating my ass so that I had something to remember her by.  I imagine me being tied face down on the bed and her going to town on my ass.  I edged thinking of being bruised (deeply).  I am sure I need to be punished for something.  I edged again thinking of Mistress gagging me with dirty panties so that our poor dog doesn't think she is killing me.  I edged again thinking of her giving me an "unsafe" word.  Since we don't play with safewords it would be a way for me to signal to her to not stop.  I could signal I have had enough, but that wouldn't mean that she has.  I edged again thinking of spanking me while plugged so that every clench fucks my ass.  I imagine her then using my cock for her pleasure while she feels the heat and the welts on my ass.

I then imagine the hard plane seat causing me discomfort for the next 2 days as a constant reminder of what I crave from her.  I also imagine her coming up with something else to humiliate me while out of town.

I do love her so much.

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