Monday, September 30, 2013

Recent Strong Thoughts

It's been about 2.5 weeks since my last orgasm.  What I am finding interesting is the longer I go without, the less infatuated I am with cumming or teasing and denial.  I am more focused on the more extreme parts of my kink.  Lately however I am focused on feminization, a lot.  Friday I felt a little buzz in the head wearing my plaid skirt, crotchless fishnets, blouse, pink bra and heels.  I was so ready to do anything.  I kind of wish Mistress would have made we wait to get dressed until she could verbally taunt me, but at the same time was happy she didn't.  I get conflicted, but when she does see me dressed or makes me dress, I do get all mushy in my head and heart.

I get lots of emails from places like Victoria's Secret, Fredericks, corset stores, etc.  I find myself filling an online shopping cart for outfits in my size and then deleting it.  Last week I was looking for nail polish that had a slight tint for my fingers and they had their store brand on sale for $2 a piece.  I ended up buying 10 or so, some fake nails and the store threw in an eyeliner and perfume samples.  They should be here tomorrow.  I wish I could get clothes cheap.

Today's edge had me thinking about MBB having me dress up while she checks into a hotel somewhere.  I am ordered to finish getting dressed and drive to meet her at the hotel.  She gives me a room number to go to so I have to walk through the lobby in front of others.  I fantasize about being dressed up and we go through drive throughs all over town with me as a passenger.  I fantasized about Mistress outing me a girlfriend of hers.  I fantasized about Mistress locking me in our dungeon while she goes to a swinger club with her friend.  I edged thinking about being in the car with my pants off or around my knees showing off my underclothes.  I fantasized about panties and their soft feel.  I fantasized about my new diet dropping me a size or 2 and when I hit my goal of getting something super feminine and sexy.

I have a light buzz and my head is spinning thinking of me in these pictures.

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