Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stories I wish were male submissive instead of female submissive

I frequently find posts that speak to me, but they either end up being gay porn or male dominant/female submissive.  Below is one of those stories.  Unfortunately, now matter how much I try to consider it as a possibility, bi just does nothing for me.  If it did I would gladly trade places with the girl in the story below.  That being said, I can totally imagine me in the below story with my Mistress doing all of these things to me and in place of a real cock a squirting strap on.  I do love humiliation aspect of this all.

I can also imagine being the Master in this story.

Taken from http://lipstixxx.tumblr.com/post/60017092125/the-secret-origin-of-missy-lipstixxx

Part 1: How I Learned to Love Cock
Back when I was in my early 20s, the world was a far simpler place. The internet wasn't anything worth talking about and any fetishy socialising had to be done the old fashioned way - by going out to clubs and meeting people.
It was at one of these events that I met Master R. and Mistress S. I was immediately in thrall to them;  their experience (they were much older than me), their openness, and their obvious love for each other.
It turned out that they were looking for a part-time slavegirl. I eagerly accepted their offer, delighted that I had finally found a means of turning my increasingly outlandish masturbation fantasies into reality.
The setup was thus - I was to spend two or three weekends a month at their large house, fulfilling their every need - sexual and otherwise.
Typically this would involve a few chores and lots of chains (they were rather old-school, even for those days).
Their fondness for keeping me in tight confinement at all times meant that I was kept in a wooden box when not in use.
I was also expected to perform oral sex when required.
And of course there were a great many hard and painful spankings.
Suffice to say, I was in heaven.
But alas, there was one slight problem. Although I had hitherto believed myself to be bisexual, it was becoming apparent that I was really leaning more towards the sapphic than the straight. As the months went by it was becoming harder to hide the fact that my desires favoured Mistress S considerably more than Master R.
Oh! I tried as hard as I could, but I just couldn't muster the same enthusiasm to pleasure my Master as when I was made to eat Mistress S’s wonderful, musky, unshaved pussy.
Even now I’m getting hot just thinking about it. Gooodness me!
Still, it was clear to me  that this was a failing on my part. I was a bad slave.What I didn't realise was that my owners felt the same way.
And so, one Saturday morning I arrived at the house and was immediately taken down to the dungeon. I was alarmed at this deviation from the usual routine. I hadn’t performed any of my duties yet and I yet was being punished…?
In the dungeon,  I was ordered to strip. While doing so, I nervously looked around for clues to my fate. Master R was sitting in a leather armchair. In front of him was a short pillar that had been bolted to the floor.
Mistress S ordered me kneel in front the pillar and tied me to it by my neck, facing Master R. My hands were tightly bound behind my back. My nipples were clamped and fastened around the pillar with a short cord, severely limiting my movements.
And then my beloved Mistress stood in front of me, her ever-present riding crop tapping rythmically against the top of her left boot. “We’ve noticed, slave, that your enthusiasm for sucking cock is somewhat lacking,”
I swallowed hard. Caught! I’ve been found out!
"For the next two days, we’re going to work on rectifying this unfortuate situation. Starting now."
"Tell me slave, have you ever experienced facial bondage? It’s a rather wonderful way of dehumanising the subject, as you’ll find."
Mistress moved behind me and inserted a couple of metal devices into the sides of my mouth, pulling them tight so my mouth was streteched open, and  quickly fastening them behind my head. Then some sort of metal hook slid into my nostrils and pulled my nose back. I yelped in surprise as it too was tied off behind me. What was happening? What were they doing?
Master produced a mirror from beside his chair and held it in front of me.
"Oh…" was all I managed to say when I saw what they’d done to my pretty face. I felt like crying. I had to fight the tears back.
"Look at you," sneered Mistress. "What an ugly little creature. Only useful for one thing. And she’s not even any good at that!"
She took a dildo from her bag and put it in my mouth, playing with it, pushing it back far enough to cause me to gag.
"Just a cocksucking head on a stick. What are you?"
"A ockucking ead aw a ick." I whimpered.
"Clever girl. That deserves a little treat." Mistress produced a small, powerful vibrator from her bag and held it against my clit.
And… oh! The humiliation of seeing my degraded face, the nipple clamps slowly transforming my little tits into balls of throbbing pain… This all folded up into a wave of purest pleasure which quickly started building up into…
She abruptly pulled it away. NO!
Mistress smiled at my frustration, no doubt made all the more amusing on my distorted face. “Only good little cocksluts get an orgasm. Show me how much you want cock, whore. Show me your tongue.”
I stuck out my tongue and tried to look as cock-hungry as I could. “Please…” I begged, drool running down my chin. “Please.”
Master R. rose from his chair and approached me, unzipping his pants.
"Work your Master’s cock with your tongue, little pig."
His cock hovered just outside my open mouth, my tongue danced  around it, making little flicking motions.
As I did this, Mistress placed the vibrator on my clit, triggering the delicious sensations again. But after a miserable few seconds both the vibrator and my Master’s cock was pulled away.
"Nooooo!" I whined.
"What do you want, slut?" Demanded Mistress. "Beg for it!"
"I want cock!" I screamed. "Please please please!" It came out, "I ont ock! Ease! ease ease!"
"Ar you ready to take it in your mouth this time? That’s all you are anyway, isn’t it? Just a stupid drooling mouth."
"Yes! please please!"
And then his cock, thrusting deep into in my mouth, gagging on it, choking… the vibe buzzing against my clit, hearing myself making a combination of moans and wet slurping sounds, catching a glimpse of my piglet face in the mirror and then…
And then, at the crescendo of the most intense, mind-shattering  orgasm I had ever experienced, he ejaculated his hot cum all over my screaming face.
As he zipped himself up, mistress gently patted my head. “What a good little slut you are. I think we’ve made some progress here, don’t you?”
I nodded weakly, cum mixed with tears dribbling down my face and into my open mouth.
"Now, we’re going to leave you here for a few hours. I’ll leave the mirror propped in front of you so you can admire yourself. Then we’ll be back to do this again. Of course, by then I don’t think we’ll even need the vibrator to motivate you. I think a simple promise to remove those nipple clamps will inspire you to perform better, hmmm?"
"You will then be bound, gagged and put into your box for the night. Tomrrow the routine will be repeated all over again. We’ll make a cockslut of you yet, you’ll see."
"What do you say, slave?"
"Thank you Mistress."  The cum was beginning to dry on my face as Mistress S. left the room.
Before following her through the door, Master R. turned and spoke to me for the first time that day.
"Do you know what a shamanic initiation is, Becca?"
I looked up at him, surprised to hear him use my real name.
"Some ancient cultures believe that in order to transcend this state of being, it is necessary to put oneself through a series of intense emotional and physical ordeals. One must be broken… taken beyond the threshold and erased completely in order to achieve true potential. This is the beginning of your initiation, little slave."
"I wonder what will emerge from your cocoon?"

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