Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Last Tuesday night Mistress tied me down and beat the insides of my thighs.  Between the alcohol, endorphins and lust I had, she stopped before I safeworded.  I was sad at the lack of marks I had.  A week later I still have thin red lines from one implement as well as overall yellowing of the skin from the very light bruising I had.  I can't wait to repeat that.

Mistress is making me go out to see my customers today with a camisole on under my shirt.  I am a little nervous, but figure if I wear a looser shirt It won't be a big deal.  It took me awhile to find the camisole.  I have all of my feminine clothes in the basement.  I thought they were in a suitcase, but they were hanging.  While looking I was going through skirts, stockings, corsets, girl jeans, tights, etc.  That got me to thinking about wearing them.  That got me to thinking about what to edge to today.  I have read with some interest in the past about Mistresses that use a treadmill to make their slaves "walk a mile in their shoes".  Sometimes to punish their slaves for walking too fast when they are out, or to just get them walking more feminine.  Usually their cock is tied up to the front of the treadmill so the slave has to keep pace.  His hands are tied behind him, and the Mistress turns on the treadmill.  Speed isn't the goal, but distance is.

That in turn made me think about Mistress using the high heel locks on me while I am working from home.  I would be forced to wear heels from 6:30AM to 6ish PM.  I also edged to thinking about being locked in the stocks in the basement while wearing heels.  The combo of being bent over and also being on heels would be torture.

Edging while wearing the butt plug I was told to wear gets me so close to the edge so fast.  I did leak some,  but it wasn't so much me getting to close to the edge.  It;s the blug milking cum out as my kegel flexes against the plug and therefore my prostate gland.


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